What does canzoniere mean?

Canzoniere, formerly canzoniéro, was born with the romantic literature and is a collection of rhymes often destined to be sang or for music and usually about love, written by one or more poets.
The most famous is probably the Canzoniere di Petrarca (Petrarch in English), original title Francisci Petrarche laureati poete Rerum vulgarium fragmenta this project is inspired by. The Canzoniere displays the internal story of Petrarch though poetry.
The collection counts 366 compositions: 317 sonnets, 29 songs, 9 sestines, 7 ballads and 4 so called madrigali. The Canzoniere doesn’t include all works of Petrarch but only some which were extremely carefully chosen by the author himself. Most of the works in the Canzoniere are about love, thirty are about religion, morality and politics.
The collection was devided into two parts by the editors: rhymes where Laura is alive and rhymes where Laura is dead. Petrarch composed the Canzoniere after 1348, including pieces he wrote for Laura and pieces he wrote for other women (and attributed those to Laura), so that it looks like Laura was the only pure love which brings the poet to God (See Dante).
The love for Laura is the point around which the spiritual life of Petrarch rotates (Petrarch met Laura on April 6th 1327). Petrarch connects to the study of classical writers. From there starts Petrarch’s literature. With Petrarch literature gets to be a teacher of life and the first humanistic lesson is born. In Petrarch you notice search for serenity. Uncomfortability, pain, willing of repentance, get to be hope and also the death of Laura gets to be Laura coming down from heaven to console. In Petrarch’s poems feelings are often opposed to the landscapes surrounding him.
Laura is a superior woman admired by the poet but who has nothing which is not-human (she’s not devine). She’s human with beautiful eyes, a sweet smile, blonde hair, they’re always repeating, but Laura is the perfect origin of the sentimental life of the poet. The second part of the Canzoniere closes with the song to The Virgin in which the poet is begging for repentance and willing to overcome every conflict and eventually find peace. And “Peace” is the last emblematic word in the song, the word that closes and ends the book.

What is canzoniere.org?

Canzoniere.org would like to be a place where authors can publish their works making them accessible to the rest of the world, get comments of readers and discuss with other poetry lovers. It’s been completely rebuilt in the summer of 2009 to ease the access of interested authors.

How can I publish my poems on canzoniere.org?

Instructions are written on the “Publish poems” page which you find in the main menu.

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